Accessibilty Support for Side Navigation Skins at High Zoom

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Accessibilty Support for Side Navigation Skins at High Zoom

Post by wfranz »

We are hitting an accessibility compliance issue with our HTML 5 help that uses the side navigation skins, and it's not clear to me if there is any valid work around.

What I have found is with the side navigation skin we have, there are the TOC elements on the left, and then we also have a header area on top. This header area is fixed such that even when you scroll the header is always there and the topic content appears to scroll behind it.

At standard zoom level this works perfectly. However, one of the WCAG guidelines ... iques-head is to support readability at 200 zoom level. At this zoom level the header can become massive enough that it takes up the entire screen and thus even if you scroll the content below, it cannot be viewed due to the enlarged header.

Does Flare have some sort of option or setting to either prevent the skin header from being fixed, or allow it to be hidden or otherwise dealt with at high zoom levels?

And actually looks like 200 is no longer the zoom level needed, it appears an updated WCAG 2.1 requires an epic 400% zoom.

UPDATE: I decided to log this as a bug since after further testing it seems like every type of skin for HTML 5 output has this same issue that there is no possible way to get it to not stick to the top. I can understand this as default behavior but to have no way to disable this behavior, or avoid this behavior on small screens or high zoom is a bit surprising. I now have a bug report for this issue so that's what I'll be waiting on in the meantime.
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