Non-XML Files in Search

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Non-XML Files in Search

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As part of our large documentation system, we include some HTML5 output from Stroyline360 to provide software simulation walkthroughs for our primary software product. The output files are in plain HTML format but they are extremely script-heavy. I've tried converting the primary index page to HML via the Flare UI, but the resulting files are completely broken, and don't display the software simulations. So I need to keep them, apparently, in HTML, as the XML conversion simply breaks them.

When users search the documentation output via the search bar, the Storyline pages do appear in the search results, but they are presented with the HTML file name "story" as the title of the search result (the default name of the output pages are "story.html"), with the page's Title property is displayed as the snippet text below the search result title, e.g.:

Using the Set Meta Data Custom Task

I'd like to be able to do one of 2 things:

1. Use Flare's UI to modify the properties (F4) of the HTML pages to at least add a Topic Title (e.g., Using the Set Meta Data Custom Task) to appear as the search result title, or
2. Modify the search results to display the Title property of the HTML page, and not the file name, as the search result title.

Any ideas at all on how to accomplish this?
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