Same table in multiple topics, but displaying selected rows?

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Same table in multiple topics, but displaying selected rows?

Postby simona on Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:05 am

In our WebHelp output, we have a ref table with about 30 rows. It is updated with every feature release and very important to our customers. Additionally, we have a concept topic that is closely related to the ref table but does not contain the table yet, just an xref to it.

We are considering to turn the table into a snippet and include it in that concept topic as well, possibly saving the customers one click. However, only some 20 rows of the table would need to appear in the concept topic. The rest would just be confusing there.

I know that I could just create a new condition for such cases, but haven't yet used cndx for this purpose. We try to limit the number of our cndx and until now only use workflow- or content-status related (review/deprecated/publication) or output-related (print/web) conditions.

So I guess my questions are:
- Is it such a good idea to break the topic-based structure (concept / tutorial / ref table) by including a (partial) ref table in a concept topic?
- If we do it, what would be best practice? Table snippet plus condition? Or are there any better ways?
- Is anyone using cndx like that and if so, how have you named them?
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Re: Same table in multiple topics, but displaying selected r

Postby Dave Lee on Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:22 am

You can do this by applying the condition tag to the table rows, and setting the snippet conditions on either the topic or the inserted snippet.

When I create conditions that are only going to be used for snippets conditions (not target conditions), I put them in a separate condition set to my other conditions.
So they'll be called SnippetConditions.this or SnippetConditions.that. I find this useful as a reminder that I should only use the condition inside a snippet.
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