Glossary pop-ups not popping up in HTML5 output

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Glossary pop-ups not popping up in HTML5 output

Postby chuck_agari on Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:35 pm

I defined a glossary and added a bunch of terms. I'm using an external file for each term rather than an inline definition so I can keep formatting, add links, etc.

When I build the HTML5 output, the glossary terms are marked, but they do not pop up. That is, nothng happens when I hover. They are links, so I can click on them to go to the term page (they don't just pop up on click either), but that is neither the behavior I want nor the behavior I designated when I added each term to the glossary.

I'm seeing the same (non)behavior in both Firefox/Windows and Chrome/Mac OS.

Here is an example of the code I'm seeing in the output:

Code: Select all
<a href="../../../Resources/GlossaryTopics/DMARC.htm" class="MCTopic MCTopicPopupHotSpot MCTopicPopupHotSpot_ MCTopicPopupHotSpot_Popup #text #textPopup">DMARC</a>

Why is this not working?
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