Left-Nav Template with Footer Kept at Bottom

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Left-Nav Template with Footer Kept at Bottom

Postby Curlyshell on Fri May 31, 2019 7:13 am

I'm using Flare's left-nav template, and I also want to have a footer that stays at the very bottom of the page. I can get the footer to the bottom of the page content—but not the bottom of the page as a whole. As a result:

    When the page is long, the footer is fine.
    When the page is short, the footer is in the middle of the browser window (with the left nav continuing on down).
    When the menu is long (because it's expanded), the footer covers the menu text.

I have tried all the different position values. All of them fail in different ways. I've tried both the <div> that comes with the template, and a <footer> tag.

It seems to me that, if this couldn't be solved, then nobody would be able to have a footer with their left-nav template. But I seriously doubt that's the case. So what is everyone else doing right?
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