Poor quality conversion of .svg to .png using OpenJDK

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Poor quality conversion of .svg to .png using OpenJDK

Postby KJohnsonDBTK on Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:55 am

My IT department required that I change from Oracle Java to the OpenJDK because of Oracle’s licensing changes. This change has created a problem in HTML output with .svg images that have a thumbnail class applied. The .svg files look fine when the thumbnail is expanded to full size (when you're viewing the .svg file) or if no thumbnail class is applied to the img tag (again viewing the .svg file). It is the thumbnail image (viewing the Flare created .png file) that is the problem. The text in the .png image is jagged and not crisp. Noticeably lower quality since I changed from Oracle Java to OpenJDK. The .svg files are created in Visio, and if I export to .png from Visio, and substitute that file for the Flare generated .png, the text is fine, not jagged and letters are crisp. So I think it is something in how Flare is using the OpenJDK to generate the .png file from .svg. I’m not keen on the “do it myself via Visio after generating from Flare” routine, but I’m not coming up with any alternatives. I contacted support yesterday, but haven’t heard back from them yet. Anyone else run into this and come up with any solutions?
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