IDs for H1 - ADA Compliance

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IDs for H1 - ADA Compliance

Postby Jess77 on Mon Jul 22, 2019 1:16 pm

How do you get Flare to assign each H1 an ID at runtime?

I am using a tri-pane skin. One of the tests we are failing is telling the screen reader to skip the tri-pane frame and begin reading the H1 on each page.

There is a way to put a command in the tri-pane file that tells the screen reader to jump to the H1 - provided that the H1 has an ID of some kind. Given that I have thousands of H1s, I cannot reasonably add H1s manually.

Is there a way to add an ID to the H1 style? (with a variable that creates an ID)
The ID does not matter. The only requirement is that each H1 tag begins with "<H1 id="#">" in the output.
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Re: IDs for H1 - ADA Compliance

Postby jjw on Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:24 pm

Could you use something like rehype-slug to process the output? It's a plugin for rehype that adds ids to html headings using the heading slug as the id. I don't think you can restrict it to specific heading levels though.
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