Previous/Next buttons not working

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Previous/Next buttons not working

Postby WriterAndrew on Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:20 am

Hi, all,
In my Flare 2019 TopNav project, I have Previous and Next buttons defined in a TopicToolBar skin, which is inserted in each topic via the masterpage.

When I build my project locally and then view from Chrome, these buttons do exactly what I want for every topic (except 2, but that is another problem!) - ie. it steps through each topic in the order I have them in both the TOC and the browse sequence (which are the same order).

However, if I publish the output from Project | Publish Primary, via our GIT pipeline to our public website, then the next button only works where the current topic has a sub-topic. (And similarly, the previous button only works if the current topic has a higher level topic immediately before it!)

I've tried using the Chrome F12 feature, and I cannot see any differences between the "local" and the "server" versions of the output, so I'm stumped about why it should work locally, but not from the server (I'm using the same Computer/OS/Browser to view both, so its not different browsers acting differently or anything!)

Any suggestions on what might be causing this, and how I can fix it?

Thanks all
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