Capitalization of output files

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Capitalization of output files

Postby WriterAndrew on Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:40 am

Hi, all,
I'm having an issue with my Flare 2019 HTML5 output... the capitalization is different between some of my source and the output files.

When I check all my files locally, as they are on a Windows10 machine, this is not a problem - everything works as expected.

However, after publishing and using our corporate GITLAB pipeline to push the files to AWS, these differences in capitalization are causing 403 - Access denied errors.

These errors only seem to occur on topics where I have renamed them since first creating them.

So, what can I do to stop the output using different capitalization to the source?

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Re: Capitalization of output files

Postby EricS on Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:48 am

Hi Andrew,

Not sure if this is the issue or not or if this will help your problem but I'll give it a shot.

In your target under the "Advanced" tab there is an option to "Use lowercase filenames". If it is checked it should change all filenames to lowercase regardless of how you formatted them.

You can check/uncheck that box and see if it has any effect on your issue.

Hope that helps.

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