Problem loading side menu

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Problem loading side menu

Postby RickD on Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:57 pm


I'm having some problem with a Flare Top NAV HTML 5 project I am creating.

The side menu loads slowly and sometimes does not load at all - instead of the menu I just see the top section of it and nothing else renders. I have to do a refresh to load it fully.

I have used the Top Nav and side menu skins and I'm not very fluent with scripts, but a developer at my company said it looks like a jav script error - that the jav script used to add the mini menu may have run while the menu is still loading. He said if i can find where this is happening in java he could add a line to give the menu longer to load.

Not entirely sure what that means but there is a screen shot.

One other issues is that screen shots are not always opening either. They open a white square the size of the screen shot and after a few refreshes the screen finally loads.. i suspect its related to the menu problem.

Any help appreciated


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