Relative links in micro content are removed in error

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Relative links in micro content are removed in error

Postby wclass on Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:53 pm

I have just started using micro content but have come across a few issues.
I created some micro content successfully in a number of ways - entering directly into the micro content editor, using snippets, and linking to other files - all worked well.
Then I tried adding some links into the micro content. If the link was to another place in the project, or if the full path was hard coded, the links worked. However, I wanted to use a relative path, and it looks like these path urls are being processed, and getting broken in that process.

For example, we have output for a number of apps that is published as follows:

--\whatever …

--\whatever …

A topic in the Content folder for the first app can reference something in the second app using a relative reference such as:


However, when I put this into micro content (in a topic or a snippet), the double dots to the parent folders get stripped.
We also tried using javascript with onclick to grab known topic pages - for example in standard text we have no trouble using something like the following to grab the beginning of a path and linking to a known page. This gets stripped and then just href="#" is put in place.

Code: Select all
<a href="#" onclick="\/[^\/]+\/Content\/.+$/i, '/app2/Content/training.htm'));" >Related Training Pages</a>

Has anyone got micro content to work with relative links in the content?
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