Glossary(-ies), Navs, & HTML5 Output

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Glossary(-ies), Navs, & HTML5 Output

Postby Johnny_Rinder on Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:51 pm


I am creating a Knowledge Base (HTML5 primary target, Side Nav skin, with a secondary print target on the horizon). I'd like to add a link to the contents of the glossary (-ies, if I decide to add separate, distinct glossaries) such that:
* The glossary entries can be viewed within the html topics in which they occur
* The glossary entries can be viewed in aggregate by clicking a button either in the side nav (controlled by the entries in the TOC editor) OR button/link in the top KB header/banner (I haven't decided which would be most useful to the user--my instinct is to put the Glossary link in the top header/banner and not as a button/"book" at the bottom of the side nav), but that is created at build time and would thus require some "hacking" of the Default.xml/html file--thoughts/experiences?).

BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE (sub-questions)!

Why not simply forgo the whole (fl)glo creation and just create a simple glossary.html file with all the definitions , alphabetized and name-anchored within the glossary.html? That topic can be printed through the KB online interface as well as generated by a print-centric target.

Am I over- or under-thinking? What am I missing? I am a bit fuzzy-headed today...

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