API for hooking up Micro Content CSH IDs

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API for hooking up Micro Content CSH IDs

Postby Mark A Johnson on Tue Mar 16, 2021 9:09 am

Hello! I'm hoping someone has some insight here.

I have been lobbying my organization to include field-level help buttons (to Micro Content) in the next version of our web-based product. Our UI team has created a prototype that uses the Micro Content CSH IDs, but the User Experience manager says their current implementation is a workaround...they have to go into the HTML, strip out the styling, and take just the body content to display in the popups/tooltips. He says the optimal path is to simply request the information from the output, and that he heard an API for this was on MadCap's roadmap.

My question: Is there an API offered by MadCap that does this (allows developers to pull out Micro Content to be used for context help popups when hooking up the IDs)? If not, is there one in progress?

Thanks for any assistance. If there is nothing like this in the Flare roadmap, I wouldn't want our team to waste time waiting for it.

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