Alert: If You Embed "Private" Vimeo Videos...

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Alert: If You Embed "Private" Vimeo Videos...

Postby Curlyshell on Thu Sep 23, 2021 4:11 pm

I just had an issue with a private Vimeo file embedded in a Flare topic. Though the old videos are still playing, a video I just uploaded wouldn't display or play.

Vimeo Support explained that they've stepped up their security (which I'll explain below), and new videos are required to comply. But soon all the other videos will be in the same boat—so none of my embedded videos will play unless I fix them. Here's what I know, and what you can do about it for now.

There's a "security hash" included in each private Vimeo video. Here's what it looks like, with the hash in bold:

https:/ / (dummy code & spaces added to remove auto link).

EMBED CODE ACQUIRED FROM VIMEO: (Note that the /xxx is replaced with ?h=xxx)
<iframe src="https:/ /" width="640" height="142" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

But when Flare renders the output, it removes the security hash!!! Up ’til now, that hasn't mattered because Vimeo created this extra security layer but wasn't yet requiring it. Now, you can't access a "Private" Vimeo video without the security hash.


1. Go into the rendered pages and add the hash. Well that's OK if you only have one or two...

2. In Vimeo, make the videos "invisible to Vimeo" instead of "Private." Here's what Vimeo says about this setting:

"When you hit save, this video will be removed from all channels and groups, and any credits you've added will be removed."

Make sure that's an appropriate solution for your video. It doesn't remove the video from your account; you can still see and manipulate it.

I reported this to MadCap as a bug.

Hope this helps someone.
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