Local WebHelp with Chrome and Firefox

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Local WebHelp with Chrome and Firefox

Postby mike_berriman on Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:23 pm

I've found a problem with using webhelp on the local machine, when using context sensitive links, and was wondering if anyone had a solution to the problem.

So for example the command line being sent to the browser (either via a DOS prompt or by invoking it from our application) is :

<browser> "c:\source\mb36268\develop\share\refman\surpachelp_csh.htm#176"

This works fine for IE, but both Firefox and Chrome translate “#” into “%23”, so the URL becomes :


Which does not exist. If you enter the same url into the browser naivgation bar, it works perfectly in all browsers. Looking at the URL standard, it seems to say that the # character *should* be translated, making IE the browser doing the wrong thing.

The same URL with a HTTP:// URL also works perfectly, unfortunately our reference manual doe not go to a web server - it always resides locally.

Does anyone know of a URL syntax that might avoid this situation? My only solution so far is to simply force the user into IE.

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