Unable to search index below first level

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Unable to search index below first level

Postby Buckhorn on Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:22 pm

I delivered a large WebHelp system with maybe 300 entries in a two-level index. My customer noticed that searching the index, using the search box above the index, only finds matches in the first level.

For example, if the index contains these entries (--- indicates indent):


then searching the index will find "file" and "settings," but not "saving" or "user."

I suspect this is a limitation in Flare's WebHelp code, but thought I'd ask if anyone knows of a workaround. If there isn't one, then maybe the only alternative is to use the regular search to find topics containing the search term.


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Re: Unable to search index below first level

Postby AudreyC on Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:59 am

Hi Bill,

There is also a search utility (look for the magnifying glass icon) that will pick up level 2 entries and below.

However, if they don't want to use that, I seem to have an inadvertant work-around for this: double up your entries :)
The reason I do this is that some people may be searching for the concept (file) but others will only be looking for the related tasks (opening) so that for the same items as you list, I'd have:

--- a file
--a file
-- settings

I also follow two rules to keep the number of necessary entries to a minimum: 1) stick to singular forms whenever possible, 2) stick to the imperative form of the verb.
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