Dealing with multilanguage output

Postby Ubru on Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:26 am

Hello I have got licence for Doc2Help and I am actualy using version 5. I have got relativly big project (something like manual) I will try to describe my workflow to show what problem I need to solve.

1. Making version 1 of my project and export it to docx (in language A)
2. Whole exported word in language A will be send for external translation (by some company) to language B (for the firt time whole docs will be translating)
3. So now I have got docx version 1 in languages A and also B

4. After some time I need to update project (make manual up to date) so I am working on it and after that export version 2 to docx in language A
5. I need to complete actual version 2 also in that second language B but it must be tranlasted by external company (it is paid) so I will give them only texts which are new (not tranlasted yet), so they do not need to translate whole docs again.

Finally I have got translated additional texts and new version 2 of language A but only version 1 in language B.... so I need to merge it together or how to solve it? My goal is to have new version 2 in language B. Is it possible to have some resource for different languages or track somehow what changed and must be added etc?

Sorry for my hardly understandable description but I hope it will be clear what I need and also sorry for my not perfect english.
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Re: Dealing with multilanguage output

Postby SKamprowski on Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:43 am

Hi Ubru,

First I suggest not to send a target or output to translator but a copy of your source files, for several reasons. They depend on what you want to achieve with DocToHelp besides a manual.
Further suggestions:
1. start a new project with translated docs, based upon your original project.
2. use some software to extract modifications after first translation, e.g. an external source control tool or perhaps Lingo. If you don't find any, try it with Word itself.
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