Add-ins not working

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Add-ins not working

Post by alpaca »

I recently had some problems with my Windows 10/64 Pro PC environment, and had to create a new user and transfer all my documents to it.

Happily, all the Doc-to-help matters were taken care of without difficulty, and I can successfully build my big and complicated project.

However, I can't use the D2H addins on the Word ribbon. I open D2H, then the project, then a doc within the project, and then try to use (for example) the D2H "link" button. As soon as I hit the button, I get the message:

"! This command cannot be used without a project open in Doc-To-Help."

As noted above, the D2H project *is* open.

Previously, the link dialog opened as expect. Now, just the error message.

Any ideas about what's going wrong, and/or what to do about it? Any ideas would be gratefully explored! Thank you.
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Re: Add-ins not working

Post by Chainware »

I recently had the same kind of problem of not showing the D2H ribbons, and I found out that the D2H service was not running anymore (app Services).

Starting that service solved the problem. So you might check that service.

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