Convert embedded Visio not to jpg but to svg

Postby age on Thu Jul 14, 2022 6:30 am

Good afternoon

I was wondering if somebody has an idea how I can solve my requirements.

At the moment we are using Doc-To-Help V5.0.0.1521, Word 2016 and Visio to create html-documentation from word documents with embedded Visio diagrams (flow diagrams with text). This works quite well, but there is one drawback. The embedded Visio files are converted to pictures (jpgs) and therefore we can’t search for text in the flow diagrams.

So the requirement is to “somehow” make the pictures searchable for the embedded text when converted to html. So my idea/question is if it is somehow possible to convert (when using doc-to-help) the embedded Visio not into an image (jpg, png..) but into some vector oriented format like svg that browsers can display without plugins (native) and that can be searched with the browser text search.

I downloaded the lasted doc-to-help trial and also used word 2019 but didn’t manage to get what I need. But I am not very experienced with doc-to-help so maybe I missed something.

So I am wondering if somebody has an idea how I can achieve my goal or if there are other ideas.

Thx for your ideas
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Re: Convert embedded Visio not to jpg but to svg

Postby SKamprowski on Tue Sep 27, 2022 4:07 am

Hi Gerhard,

I suppose to convert your pictures to svg, before linking them in your word documents, then choose for your target Option image format "original format" and see what's the result. I have no idea whether it will arrive in your output as svg file. You should find it in your output folder below images externals. If it's not there, I suggest to search your html documents for images, modify the references and the files in images externals approbiately.

Let us know wether this helps.
Kind regards,
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