Nethelp build file name convention...

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Nethelp build file name convention...

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I have a Doc-To-Help project that I am building for Nethelp that contains numerous topics that generate the corresponding .htm files in the Documents folder beneath Nethelp.

My question concerns how the file naming conventions are determined. We've noticed on updating our project and then rebuilding the help, we are getting inconsistent file names (sometimes appending a # on the end of the file name). This is occurring even though no changes have been made regarding that topic name, or any of it's content.

Why would this occur? And is there anyway to prevent it from changing the name once it has been established? This presents a problem for us as we have our application linking to topics within our help file based on what these file names are, and updates to the help file are causing broken links when nothing has changed.

How can I prevent the build from changing the file names used for previously established topics?

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Re: Nethelp build file name convention...

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D2H has to create different file names for every topic in a NetHelp. It creates file names automatically, yet you can specify a file name as a "Topic Property" inside the source of the topic. This will fix it "for ever".

To avoid changes of file names it is necessary to use Rebuild instead of Build, since Rebuild removes all files from the target folder.
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