Hanging script in Firefox

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Hanging script in Firefox

Post by Yerushalmi »

I have DocToHelp 2009, and many of pages use the "collapsed" style feature.

Something went wrong within the last six months, and now any time I open a page that contains a collapsed paragraph in Firefox the browser briefly stops responding, followed by complaining about a hanging JavaScript function.

The function is this one:

function d2ht_StringToStatesArray(str)
var start = 0, end;
var key;
if (str != null && str.length != 0)
while (start < str.length)
end = str.indexOf(":", start);

key = str.substring(start, end);

start = end + 1;
end = str.indexOf("|", start);
if (end == -1)
end = str.length;
gSecStates[key] = str.substring(start, end);
start = end + 1;

This problem does not reproduce in Internet Explorer or in Chrome.

Anybody have any ideas?
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Re: Hanging script in Firefox

Post by SKamprowski »


your D2H Version didn't know anything about current Firefox versions. I assume that this is the reason for your issue.
BTW: current D2H does not support the same NetHelp as Version 2009.
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Sabine Kamprowski
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