Performance with Word/PDF Output

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Performance with Word/PDF Output

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I have numerous D2H projects, and I regularly produce NetHelp targets from them. Everything works fine and smoothly, I've been using D2H for many years.

Recently I started producing Word/PDF targets from the various D2H projects, and everything also worked fine. The time taken to produce a Word/PDF target seems a little longer than with NetHelp, but it's not too bad.

My most important documentation project is quite large. It only has a few source files, but they are big and have lots of images. When I generate the NetHelp output, D2H takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

Everything good so far.

When I attempt to create a "manual" (Word & PDF) target for my big project, D2H runs FOR HOURS!! I've never actually produced a PDF output, I gave up after six hours of D2h running. Right now, I'm at one hour and forty minutes, and D2H has just started processing the second of my four source documents.

I have a very fast/powerful Windows PC with lots of memory and disk space, am running Window 10 Pro and Doc-to-Help 2013 v2.

Am I overlooking some important set-up issue? Does D2H have source document limits that I'm not aware of? Does anybody have insight into why this process is taking so long?

PS from a few hours later: total build time for the manual / Word / PDF target was 4 hours 8 minutes. The Word and PDF files look fine, are as expected, everything looks good--but why so long?

Thank you for your comments.
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