How does search work?

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How does search work?

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I am aware that the question maybe is complete out of topic but I give it a try.

I am building our documentation with doc-to-help from word to html. That work as expected. The html documents are then directly changed by adding some content/text. It's a stupid process but there is no possibility to change this and alter the source word documents before applying doc-to-help.

When using the search function from the webpage, it only finds content that was created by doc-to-help. The manually added content can't be found by the search button. I was a little bit sneaking around and found two files (local.js and searcindex.js) that seem to contain the words and a "map" at what pages they are contained. But I was not able to figure out how this works and how to add new words from the manually added text so this text can be found by search button.

Does anybody know how the search works so I can add new words to the search index?

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