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Postby Lee from Logi on Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:50 pm

We have several documentation projects on Central, and also a "portal" project that's basically a landing page with links to the documentation project home pages. We have a Host Mapped Domain, so that the URLs for topics begin with, instead of the standard mcoutput domain. We set a Vanity URL for the portal target, so its URL is

We also set Vanity URLs for each target in the doc projects. So, altogether, a topic URL looks like ... c-name.htm. Works great!

What doesn't work is when someone browses the root URL - That goes to Central and returns a stock MadCap 404 - Page Not Found page. Is there a way to specify a "default project" on Central so visitors don't get that and are sent to the portal instead? Seems like a pretty basic requirement, yet I can't find an way to do it. Anyone? Thanks.

Update 8/23/2019: I also pursued this with MadCap Support. They were able to tell me that a) this is a current issue within Central, and cannot be remedied with a configurable setting; and b) they will be setting up a redirect on the Central web server for us that provides a temporary solution.
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