What is MadCap Central?

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What is MadCap Central?

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MadCap Central is a Powerful Cloud-based Content Management Solution for Content Creators

It improves content quality, gains greater insight into tasks and production schedules, works collaboratively with teams and departments, and automates processes to further extend the authoring and publishing capabilities of MadCap Flare.

Features of MadCap Central:
  • Manage Projects and Content in One Centralized Location
  • Host Projects and Content in the Cloud
  • Track and Manage Tasks with Multiple Task Views
  • Assign User Permissions to Control Access and Maintain Content Quality
  • Collaborate with Teams to Manage Projects Efficiently
  • Automate, Manage and Publish Builds Quickly and Easily
  • Get Full Project Visibility with Customizable Dashboards and Widgets
  • Scalable for Any Size Organization
Rob Hollinger
MadCap Software
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