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Git Versus Central

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 6:31 am
by ewilkins
My team converted from Frame to Flare last year. We are now looking at single-sourcing and I am starting some CMS research. I was excited to find that MadCap has its very own CMS! My question is this. We currently utilize TortoiseGit. I see that Central is a version of Git. What is the benefit to using Central over regular Git? Is there any advantage? Do we even NEED Central when we are already using Git?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Git Versus Central

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 6:49 am
by Nita Beck
If all you are interested in is using Git as your source control solution, then no, you don't need Central. But Central has a lot of other functionality to support the documentation workflow including task management and automated builds and publishing.