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Adding subset of project to Central

PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2018 5:49 am
by victoriasmith

I'm trying out Flare 2018 and Madcap Central as the reviewer integration might be interesting for us. When I try to upload my main Flare project, it successfully uploads but doesn't show any files. A smaller project works without any issues.
The main project we use is quite large, and contains items like PDFs and images that would not need to be sent for review, thus don't need to be uploaded to Central. Is there a way of having a project associated with central, but only uploading the relevant files required for the review?

As we work on a branch system, it would be likely that every time a review goes out, it is a different subset of files, and may include new files that the "master" project doesn't have. As the upload seems to either fail or take forever, it would be great if only the files relevant for that review and that branch get uploaded.

We don't use the integrated Flare Git source control because it doesn't handle branches well. I'm wondering if the same problem would exist on Central. It would also mean that 2 authors could not send 2 different reviews at once, because if they upload "their" branch of the project, it will remove the files from the other author.

Any insight into Central, Git and branches, and review capability would be most welcome. :)