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Binding multiple GIT branches

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:10 am
by Steve_H
Hi All,
I started a trial of Central and am still trying to work out a workflow. Its early days in the trial. Hopefully if I tell you how I work/intend to work, you can offer advice based on what you know/what you're doing.

NOTES: I have one (large) Flare project. I use multiple branches of GIT to manage versions of documentation being compiled (so dual binding may be required?).

For every GIT branch representing a version of documentation to be reviewed, I do the following:
1. Before opening Flare to start a review, I check out the branch for which content is to be reviewed.
2. After opening the Flare project and opening the topic to be reviewed, I navigate to Central and click 'Upload this Project to Madcap Central' (to bind the content of this branch)
3. I open the topic to be reviewed, navigate to the Review ribbon and go through the steps required for inviting SMES to a Central review.

Q1 Do the steps above sound appropriate for working with multiple GIT branches?
Q2 If the above steps are good, and I work this way consistently, what do you advise I do when prompted to 'Select Remote for Pull of...'?
- Is there any problem down the line if I click cancel every time I see this prompt?
- Sometimes both 'Madcap Central' and 'origin' are available, sometimes only 'origin'. Why is this, and when should I pull from either option?