Single sign on for Central

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Christian Wagner
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Single sign on for Central

Post by Christian Wagner »

I did not find a thread for this, so I created a new one.
I would much appreciate having single sign-on support for Central.
Reason: We have several Flare projects linked to Central. When opening the projects one after the other, each time log-in has to be done separately.

It would make things easier to sign on once per day by opening a linked Flare project and if Central would remember this login (for the day, for the next days, etc).
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Re: Single sign on for Central

Post by ChoccieMuffin »

That sounds like a feature request, so I suggest you click the link in my signature below and raise it with MadCap, as this is a peer support forum so your request wouldn't be answered. Definitely sounds like a sensible request.
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Re: Single sign on for Central

Post by RStreets »

I agree this would be very useful. Will also request this.
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Re: Single sign on for Central

Post by BernieF »


First, thank you for this thread on single-sign on.

If I understand, MadCap Central does not support single sign on at this time?

Thank you!!!!
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