Central and handling multiple projects

Postby oceanclub on Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:35 pm

Hi all,

We're trying a demo of Madcap Central and I have a few questions which maybe experienced users can help with:

1. How does Central handle projects which importing from other projects?

For example, I have a "FlareGlobal" project which contains all the commonly used stylesheets, page layouts, snippets, etc, etc. This is imported by using a Global file in Imports, which points to C:\Flare\FlareGlobal\Global.flprj. How do I do similar on Central?

2. Can I create a "site of sites" using Central?

In Central, you create a site from the output of a single target. But rather that host all our content as a single project, we want to have them as individual projects. Is there any standard way to generate this as a single site? For example, I was thinking of having a "front end" site where you drill down into the individual sub-sites.

3. Publishing local builds to Central.

In Central you can host projects in the cloud and also build them there. While this is useful I'm not necessarily sure it's what we want, as in our care we run scripts as part of our targets (in the Pre-Build text box) in order to copy files from developer projects and also to convert Markdown. So I was wondering if we can publish from our local machine to Central?

Any help appreciated,

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Re: Central and handling multiple projects

Postby Psider on Mon Nov 29, 2021 6:27 pm

For #3 I think this is what you want?
https://help.madcapsoftware.com/flare20 ... entral.htm
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