scrambled text in Central published project

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scrambled text in Central published project

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I have been working with MadCap on this one and thought it was solved but alas it is not. The only suggested next option is to delete the project and import back to Central- this isn't ideal for multiple reasons as the live site will go down, history of changes in this project will be deleted, etc. Hoping for help here.

I have a merged project that I have to publish directly within Central (doesn't push to Central if using Flare's publish to Central option). Both the child projects publish without issue within Central. The merged project is inconsistently adding jumbled/garbled misspellings and the like to the published version. As if one were in a trial version of the software (we are definitely not). The pages affected are not consistent even if an affected build is rebuilt. Sometimes one of the child projects is affected and sometimes it is the other one. Sometimes many pages are affected or at times very few and they are easily missed in a quick scan post publication.

I very much need to solve this issue without deleting the project if at all possible. Help?

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Re: scrambled text in Central published project

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We've had a similar (but different) problem when our build machine, not Central, changed to a virtual machine rather than a physical one. Every time it shut down and restarted, it lost the licence that had been used. The solution suggested to us was to get hold of the Enterprise licence for Flare rather than the build machine licence we had had previously. I'm extremely fuzzy on the understanding of the whys and wherefores on this, but it might be helpful in your investigations, perhaps?

Best of luck.
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