Word 2007 Equations in NetHelp Output?

Postby gavinleeper on Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:38 am


I'm converting a document that includes equations and footnotes. Both of these seem to be excluded from the output when I build to NetHelp.
Is there any way to fix this that isn't too involved? The equations are the more important item.
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Re: Word 2007 Equations in NetHelp Output?

Postby SKamprowski on Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:38 am


actually, I am not aware of any problems with equations in NetHelp. They used to be stored and inserted as graphics during NetHelp compilation, with former D2H versions as well as with V3.
I created a Word document with Word 2007, imported it into a D2H project and the NetHelp is ok. Actually, I work with D2H V3 and Office 2010, so I cannot say what happens with Word 2007.

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