"Nullable Object" error when merging changes

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"Nullable Object" error when merging changes

Postby Frog24 on Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:16 pm

Hello all,

I have Flare 12, and am working with a source control tool (being vague on purpose) to learn how multiple authors would commit/update files in a project. Here's the problem:

I make a change to a file, save the file, and commit the change to the source control. My co-worker makes a conflicting change, saves the file and tries to commit. The Merge tool opens and shows the page.

Problem 1: Every so often, the Merge tool displays code view, not WYSIWYG view. and all the toolbar options are grayed out. There's no way to do anything in the upper windows; although I can type in the merged window at the bottom and "OK" the change. The changes are saved, but the file is not committed to the source control system.

Problem 2: The Merge tool displays the WYSIWYG pages. When I right-click on the icon, I get the "Accept/Reject Change" icons, but when I click on them, I get the following error:

"System.InalidOperationException occurred at <date/time>.

Nullable object must have a value.

If you were in the middle of something, your changes might be lost.

A report was creates that you can send to MadCap Software..."

Has anyone experienced this error before, and if so, what is the solution?


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