print templates and default values

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print templates and default values

Postby autocart on Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:58 am

Hi all,

Are the only templates shipped with Flare or made available to download such ones with page layouts in "Letter" format and in inch measurements (American style)?
Are there any publicly available templates with "A4" page layouts and measurements in cm (European style)?

And where can I change the default settings, such as the pre-set language that first is selected in a new project wizard?

(I have the English user interface installed, but primarily want to write European style documentation. Don't know if default settings and templates would be different in a German UI and I don't want to test it since I want to use the English UI. Besides, Flare should be able to support both kinds of templates to choose from when creating a new project.)

Thx for all helpful answers.
Kind regards, S.
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