Flare (2018) & TFS (2010)

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Flare (2018) & TFS (2010)

Postby GrahamR on Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:14 am

The company I work for was bought by another company. Until this morning we have been operating on our legacy network and systems (with all inherent and implied permissions to all systems granted by our legacy domain login).
This morning we have all been migrated to the network and systems of the other company with some systems remaining in the legacy network for the time being (source control being one of them) accessed via VPN to our legacy network.

My Flare projects are bound to TFS (which remains within our legacy network).

At no point in the binding process or the reconnection process does Flare ask for user authentication details, which makes me believe that Flare is using my current logon (lets say GrahamR_OLD) to check permissions to our TFS server, and given that in 'old world' I do have permissions to TFS via that logon it connects and allows me to communicate and do all source control operations directly out of Flare.

As of this morning Flare flatly refuses to connect to our TFS server. If my above statement is true (about Flare using the current logon to check permissions) THEN is TFS refusing access to my new user profile (lets say GrahamR_NEW) because it can't see GrahamR_NEW in the list of users who have been granted permissions to access TFS server.

1) would the assumption I'm making regarding permissions between Flare and TFS being inherited from current logon be correct?
2) Is there a way for me to override user authentication details between Flare and TFS (for instance, editing a project file manually that I've yet to stumble upon).

OR am going to have to resign myself to either get the new logon (GrahamR_NEW) granted some sort of cross-domain permissions to the legacy TFS server, or manually checking in and out via TFS explorer in Visual Studio?

Is anyone able to add anything? Pulling what little hair I have remaining out.
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Re: Flare (2018) & TFS (2010)

Postby AlexFox on Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:05 am

Just thought I'd chime in as I know how frustrating it can be trying to get TFS to behave. FWIW under my configuration we use on-premise TFS and Active Directory so Flare never really asks for credentials as it pulls them from Windows/AD.

Does Flare refuse to connect to TFS for the purposes of syncing your project only? Can you use the import from source control wizard? If you're confident you have the latest version of your files in your workspace it might be worth going to Project > Project Properties and unbinding the Project, then rebinding it to Source Control in the same popup.
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