AutoMerge Failed - Could not find file

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AutoMerge Failed - Could not find file

Postby amycatesch on Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:05 am

I have Flare bound to TFS. My Flare project is on my local machine. I had duplicate topics in my Content Explorer - one set of topics in a folder, and the same set of topics in a subfolder within that folder. I deleted the subfolder and its contents from the Content Explorer pane.
I tried to "Check In All." I couldn't, because of a conflict with the topics I kept in the folder. I get an error saying "No files checked in due to conflicting changes. To resolve conflicts, select items and click Resolve." The conflicting files listed show the path for the topics that I kept - not the ones I deleted. When I try to "Resolve Conflicts," I get this error message: "AutoMerge Failed. Could not find file 'C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\MC_11...htm." Can anyone advise on troubleshooting here? Thanks in advance.
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