Build #, Last Edited:, or Built on: mark on every topic?

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Build #, Last Edited:, or Built on: mark on every topic?

Postby riboslavin on Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:10 pm

Hey y'all, I've been away from Flare for a bit so if I'm forgetting anything obvious, forgive me.

Our process involves a Jenkins job building our Help system, which is then grabbed by our software's Jenkins build process, to incorporate HTML5 help in the product.

The issue is that sometimes, due to failures of the help build or failures of the software build, we get old versions of the help in the software. It can be non-trivial to figure out what happened. I'm adding a variable with the current software version to the masterpage, to ensure we at least have that much.

What I'd love to do, though, is find a way to add when a page was either last edited, or a timestamp of when Flare last built that topic. That way, we can see if Jenkins is grabbing old doc artifacts, or if somehow a subsystem of the help hasn't been built as recently as an upper level.

Has anyone ever done that? There are ways I can think of doing this outside of Flare, but I was wondering if there was any built-in functionality that would do it, or something similar.
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Re: Build #, Last Edited:, or Built on: mark on every topic?

Postby Dave Lee on Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:10 am

You can use date/time variables in Flare which do that.
It's in the help: ... iables.htm
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