Unwanted blank pages in PDF output

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Unwanted blank pages in PDF output

Postby Karen12 on Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:09 am

Hi --- For some reason I am having difficulty with Flare recognizing when I set Auto-end on 'left' page to DISABLED to remove blank pages. I've made sure the Break Type, Page Layout, Page Type, Chapter File Name, Page Number, and Section Break fields are all correct. When I build the target, it leaves the blank pages in the PDF, like I'd never told it to disable them! What gives? :? :x
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Re: Unwanted blank pages in PDF output

Postby Nita Beck on Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:45 pm

Welcome to the forums, Karen! :)

Diagnosing what’s causing the blank pages may take a bit of sleuthing, as blank pages could have any of several causes.

For example, is there a Page Break proxy lurking at the bottom of a topic that ends up with a blank page after it?

Is the last bit of content on a page that is successed by a blank page assigned a style that has been defined with “page-break-after: always”?

Likewise, is the first bit of content on a page that is preceded by a blank page assigned a style that has been defined with “page-break-before: always”? I know that’s the case with how h1 has been defined for print in some of the Flare “factory” templates.

You just might have to dig a bit. Sorry I can’t be more definitive. HTH.
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Re: Unwanted blank pages in PDF output

Postby dogsma on Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:08 am

I am having the same problem, perhaps, with the toc properties not applying when I use the toc gui. I have looked at grid view, and can see that the properties I have applied in tree view using the gui editor are not applied. In particular, the auto-end disabled.

Page type seems to be a real issue at times. It just won't "take" through the gui editor.

I have tried a few things, all more or less labour-intensive.

1. I try "shaking" the properties loose. I have adjusted the properties to be way off what I want. Then I Save. Then reapply properties I want. Save. Presto! in the case of the layout page type, or auto end on left, it often applies.

2. When this doesn't work, I open the toc in the internal editor. I can see that the properties have not been applied by the gui editor, so I manually update them.

3. I create all new topics from existing topics that don't have property issues. Each time I create and add a topic to the toc, using Flare's features, this sort of thing happens. I am making sure now that I use topic that doesn't have display issues now and copying them to create new topics.

I thought it might be my version, 2017 r3 and now have 2018 r2 and same problems are occurring. I am pulling my hair out. It shouldn't be this hard. Why won't the gui properties work?
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