Apply Stylesheet to htm file in Contributor

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Apply Stylesheet to htm file in Contributor

Postby dorits on Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:41 am

I'm trying to figure out a workflow where SMEs who use Contributor to add new content can also use Contributor to update existing content without having to get a review package from the Flare user.
If I open an htm file in Contributor, I noticed in File Properties > Page Properties, there is a drop-down for Stylesheet (and Page Layout). In an mcco file, these are what was defined in the Review Package.
If I open an htm file (from the Flare content), the Stylesheet is set to (default). If I try to select a stylesheet, the only other option I have is "as is".

Is there somewhere in Contributor where I can save other stylesheets to be available when working in an htm file?
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