Computed entries and previous/next buttons

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Computed entries and previous/next buttons

Postby rt2019 on Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:56 am

I am dealing with a project where there are documents made up of long topics - each one made up of numerous subheadings (h2s, h3s, h4s)- all of which they want shown in the side menu - which I achieved using 'replace with computed entries'. However:

In a topic, the toolbar next button (which they want) will navigate to the first subheading (i.e. the next TOC entry), but then of course when you scroll down and click next again, it navigates back to the first subtopic again, so I can't get from topic to topic.

If it was my own project - every subtopic would be in a new topic - but it's not my choice.

So, my question is - has anyone solved this issues? I'd even consider some trusty javascript 8)
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Re: Computed entries and previous/next buttons

Postby JudyH on Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:54 am

I would like to know the answer to this, as well. I am fine with the Menu Proxy showing the h2, h3, h4 topics, and I know how to control that level. I've also managed to place PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons at the foot of the page (I created a TopicToolbarFooter proxy for the Previous and Next buttons), so the user can go to the next content without having to navigate back to the menu at the top. But the current page contains those lesser topics -- so, instead of going to the next H1 topic, I navigate upward to an H2 or H3, within the same topic. (Multiple "Next Topic" clicks will eventually move me to the next H1 topic.)

I've tried making this happen with a browse sequence. I could get the browse sequence to appear in the Menu Proxy (where I didn't actually want it) but I can't get it to control the Topic Toolbar Proxy where I need it.

How can we control a topic toolbar proxy with an alternate browse sequence or TOC so that "next topic" moves the user to the next high-level content?
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