String not found in a PDF

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String not found in a PDF

Postby chuck_agari on Fri May 17, 2019 12:10 pm

I had a bug filed against my docs. There was a typo in a command string. I found it and fixed it, but I was not able to find the typo in the PDF when I searched for it, even though I could scroll to the page and see the string was obviously there.

The mis-typed string is "nptstat" (it should be "ntpstat"),

It is currently coded like this:

Code: Select all
                    <td>Outbound: 123 (NTP)</td>
                        <p>NTP for time synchronization services Note: On RedHat systems, you can verify that NTP is working correctly by issuing these commands: </p>
                        <p class="console_user_entry"><span class="Code">nptstat</span>
                        <p class="console_user_entry"><span class="Code">echo $?</span>
                        <p>You want the output of the last command to be a <span class="Code">0</span> if the NTP server is being accessed. See the RedHat documentation for more information on checking the status of NTP. </p>
                        <p><span class="Link"></span>

(I am not sure the span tag is there; I have a feeling that it's leftover from when the content was imported and I applied the class to the block level tags. I will be taking the span tags out.)

What I don't understand is why, when I search the PDF for this exact string, in both Preview and Acrobat Reader, I'm not finding it. When I search in the online help version I do find it (although it's not highlighted when I go to the page, a different issue). Anyone have any ideas?
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