Table margin?

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Table margin?

Postby Amy Schroeder on Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:53 pm

I have a ton of extra space below all of my tables, regardless of which table style I use. I have looked at every TableStyle included in the project. None of the table styles have a margin-bottom set, and they all have a padding-bottom set to 5px or less. I confirmed that this is so for both the default online medium and the print medium - for every table style. And yet, every one of my tables has this extra space below it of what looks like 30-50px. I also checked the table and table-caption style on my stylesheet (even though I put those above the table, not below) and see no large margin-bottom or padding-bottom there either.
Is there somewhere else that I might set this?
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Re: Table margin?

Postby doc_guy on Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:34 pm

I think the most helpful thing you could do is to use the web browser's CSS inspector to show you where the extra space is coming from.

Right-click in the blank space under the table, and choose the Inspect (or similar) option.

Take this image for example:


Notice that as you move your mouse over elements on the right side of the screen, different parts of your content on the left side of the screen are highlighted. The blue background is the actual size of the content. The orange background is margin. Green background is padding.

Now, click when I click on the table element (right under my cursor, in the HTML), the styles window changes to show me the styles that apply to that apply to the element I clicked. Lots of fun stuff is in here, but what I'll point out that is directly relevant to you is the right-column of what Chrome calls "Computed Styles." Scroll down that list, and we see all the properties that are applied to this content, and then if we expand we can see the actual settings in the style sheet that have caused this to occur. For example:


In my case, the bottom margin to my table is coming from the "Table_Wide.css" file on line 1650. That is where I will go to change that setting if I don't like what I'm seeing.

Hope this helps!
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