Print Content of Submenu Topics, H2, H3 in HTML Output

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Print Content of Submenu Topics, H2, H3 in HTML Output

Postby shoria on Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:36 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm creating a help site based on a user manual with H1, H2, H3 topics. Each former chapter is now a Menu heading, with the H2's as submenus and so forth. In my output, I want to be able to print an entire "chapter", not just the page being displayed.

For example, I have a chapter on sandwiches.
Webpage 1 = H1 = Sandwich
Webpage 2 = H2a = Condiments, H3a = Mustard, H3b = Mayo
Webpage 3 = H2b = Meats, H3b = Ham

I want to be able to print my entire chapter on sandwiches as one item and not have the user be forced to print pages individually. I understand that the "print" button or browser function won't suffice, so I'm looking for any workaround or tip to do it within Flare. Someone suggested still creating a PDF output and linking to the PDF within the Flare Topic, but I don't want to link to the entire PDF, just the relevant chapter.
I have each of my "Chapters" as folders of topics in my project for easy organization. Is there any way to tell Flare to create a PDF of just those topics in that folder for that chapter? Example, on each page in the sandwich chapter, the link prints a PDF of that whole chapter.
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Re: Print Content of Submenu Topics, H2, H3 in HTML Output

Postby SKamprowski on Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:05 am


I would create a pdf in the Flare Project which contains only those parts that you want, then create a link in all chapters that should show this pdf. Maybe a masterpage for Sandwiches could make it easier.
I am not sure whether there is a simplier solution, since I am still not completely familiar with Flare.
Kind regards,
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Re: Print Content of Submenu Topics, H2, H3 in HTML Output

Postby ChoccieMuffin on Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:55 am

If you have an entire book on, say, lunchtime foods, you could try creating a TOC for each chapter, and nest those chapter TOCs in your main TOC:

Lunchtime foods (Main TOC)
___Sandwiches (Separate TOC)
___Pasta (Separate TOC)
______Spag bol
___Noodles (Separate TOC)
______Chow Mein
______Singapore noodles

Main help, uses Lunchtime foods TOC.
Sandwiches PDF, uses Sandwiches TOC.
Pasta PDF, uses Pasta TOC.
Noodles PDF, uses Noodles TOC.

In the Sandwiches, Pasta and Noodles topics include a link to the relevant PDFs, wherever they're going to appear in your folder structure when it's built.

In your master TOC you may need to select the "When merging, replace node with merged TOC" on each nested TOC.

Would that do the trick for you?
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