Does Flare HTML5 Output Support 'GET Queries'?

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Does Flare HTML5 Output Support 'GET Queries'?

Postby garypaulcolman on Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:31 pm

I have been using Madcap Flare for about 8 years and have setup a knowledge base for the company I work for ( - which pretty much just consists of hundreds of .html pages.

I am hoping to translate the entire knowledge base site into a few different languages and hope to achieve this using Madcap Lingo.

The question I have is if there is some way the HTML5 output can support 'GET Queries' - these would be links embedded into one of the company's new software products and would change depending on which language selection is being used in the software...

For example, if the software is being run in English, the GET Query might be as follows: Lang=english & doc=software_installation.pdf

and if the software is being run in French, the GET Query might be: Lang=french & doc=software_installation.pd

I am not sure if the syntax is accurate for the above URLs but I am just investigating at the moment if Flare support this? - as opposed to just the standard format of:

Any advice would be much appreciated.


*** After watching a couple of related videos on YouTube I realized that what I am actually asking to do is: How do I 'apply JavaScript URL variables to each of my HTML webpages'
(such a language and version) so that this can be used to request the exact/correct document from within a client interface ***

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Re: Does Flare HTML5 Output Support 'GET Queries'?

Postby Sofie Bird on Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:41 pm

I am assuming you mean you'd like to generate the content for different languages in Flare?

Flare doesn't support queries in its generated URLs. Usually to achieve the result of different languages being available for the same content, you'd add a language element to the base URL. Eg: for English, and then for German. You'd then set this up in your targets etc so that your different languages published to the different folders of the site.

If you really need this to be resolvable via URL queries, you could set up some jiggery-pokery in your webserver to resolve the URL query to the correct language URL, or build your own custom delivery skin that sits on top of the Flare content to serve the correct content based on the query. But Flare generates static content only, so there's no way to make multiple languages resolve from the same base URL out-of-the-box.
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