Search weirdness

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Search weirdness

Postby WriterAndrew on Fri Aug 30, 2019 1:22 am

Hi, all,
I have a Flare HTML5/TopNav doc portal, and I'm trying to improve the search results by adding keywords and making sure industry terms are used in the text etc.
(I'm using the Search term feedback from Google Analytics to see what terms customers are searching for!)

However, one search term has me stumped... if the customer searches for "education", they get 6 hits (links to 6 different topics in my help portal). But when I look at these six topics, none include the word "education" (and I've examined them in "code mode" so can confirm that there are no keywords, the text "education" does not appear in the source code, or in the output, but still searching finds these topics!

Does anyone have any suggestions on why a search string should return links to topics that do not contain that string?

Not really a biggy, but perplexing all the same!

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Re: Search weirdness

Postby Dave Lee on Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:20 am

I'd guess the topics contain other forms of the word, e.g. "educate".

It might also happen if you have set up synonyms, e.g. education=bananas; but presumably you'd know that, since you'd have to set them up.

The search will also include index entries, but if you've checked the topics in the Text Editor view then you'd have found these.
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