Output HTML5 doesn't pause and show actions

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Output HTML5 doesn't pause and show actions

Postby Rob_Robinson on Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:07 am

I have been tasked to build an interactive quiz. I am a new user and have been using the help files/videos as I try to get up to speed. I have started building a simple true/false - response product based off of a video currently in the help section. Currently I have built a few frames. A "start test" with one button to go to the next frame. A T/F frame I was able to add a True and a False button which when either one is clicked begins an action to display a response text bubble (transparent to visible over a 2 second transition). Once that bubble displays, the end result is proceeding to the next frame. I put the command to pause at each frame. AND finally a end test frame (no question).

In preview mode, it seems to work. When I build the HTML5 output however, the video plays straight through and displays none of the response action text bubbles. The pause of each frame doesn't keep the original frame but displays the beginning of the next frame.

I called for help, but the response I received after discussion and their (Mad Cap Tech support) look at my file was - " I have identified some bugs" and made a few suggestions, none of which has worked.

Has anyone successfully built an interactive assessment like this? What other approaches have you taken?

Rob Robinson
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Re: Output HTML5 doesn't pause and show actions

Postby MandyDennis on Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:14 pm

The eLearning Innovation casestudy below might be of interest. They are using analytics and connecting their Flare built outputs with their Learning Management System.
I've been looking at interactive assessment options and have found this may require more tools ($$) and/or advanced coding (time+$$) for the analytics side.
Adobe Captivate has the capability of adding all the text bubbles, and response checking in the frame editor. Mimic doesn't appear to have this level of capability at this stage.
Maybe looking into: CMS, KMS, LTI, LMS, interactive assessment and analytics might help on the research side.
All the best with finding a workable solution.
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