SideNav Skin TOC Link issue

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SideNav Skin TOC Link issue

Postby Connor on Mon Mar 22, 2021 6:16 am

Hi, new to the forum.
So I am having an issue with my HTML output for a Flare project using the SideNav skin. There are a few sections in my project that use the same topic. When I generate my HTML output when I click the link to the topic it opens in another section. There are no conditions on the topic or the sections. This only happened once we switched to the SideNav stylesheet.
Can anyone help so the topics open in their proper section?
I have Topic A in Sections 1 and 4. When I click the link to the topic in Section 1, it opens in section 4 (with the breadcrumbs listed to section 4.)
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Re: SideNav Skin TOC Link issue

Postby Folkie on Tue Mar 23, 2021 5:35 am

Hi connor,

I think you need to synchronise the TOC. Do you have Synchronize navigation elements with TOC entries unchecked on the Target's Advanced tab? If so, try selecting it.

This issue is described in the example on the topic Synchronizing Navigation Elements With TOC Entries in the Flare online help.

When you select the synchronise option that will unfortunately give you longer URLs, but should solve the problem. Alternatively you could use the snippet method to include the page content as described in the Note in the Pros and Cons section on that page.
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