jQuery Script for manipulating TOC elements in Tripane skin

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jQuery Script for manipulating TOC elements in Tripane skin

Postby witia1990 on Wed Mar 24, 2021 3:03 am


I'm writing a script with jQuery to replace TOC elements inside my Tripane skin.
As for now, I want to highlight selected elements to find out if I choose them right.
The script is as follows:
Code: Select all
    $(".tree").css("background-color", "rgba(168,166,50,0.5)");

Unfortunately it doesn't highlight the element as it should (see on the picture below)
Jquery select tree.png

Inside ul element of class="tree" in HTML document there is this property data-mc-chunk="Data/Toc.xml" , which I suppose does something that stops me from modifications?I tried to select any list element but I couldn't.

Do you have any idea why I cannot select and perform operations on these list elements?
Or, maybe, there is a method to do it in any other way?
I would be very grateful for some help and any hint:)
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