Infinite loading for two search terms

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Infinite loading for two search terms

Postby lporter on Thu Mar 25, 2021 8:31 am

Hey everyone, I’m experiencing a very odd issue with my Flare HTML5 project’s search function and am looking for some advice. The search functions normally for almost every term, except for two specific cases: “flow” and “flows,” which happen to be important and frequently used words in my project. Searching for these terms yields only an infinite loading screen. On the Dev tool in Google Chrome, the following message appears when those searches are performed:

jQuery.Deferred exception: Cannot read property 'r' of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property 'r' of undefined
at Number.<anonymous> (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/MadCapAll.js:134:7647)
at Function.each (https:// [ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:2976)
at Array.<anonymous> (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/MadCapAll.js:134:7598)
at c (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:28294)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:29039)
at https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:31222
at c (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:28294)
at fireWith (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:29039)
at e (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:30277)
at t (https://[ServerName]/[ProjectName]/Resources/Scripts/jquery.min.js:4:30307) undefined

I’ve been in touch with MadCap support about this for over a week, and they initially suggested that, because the issue appears to be with the project’s jquery.min.js file, I should try building the project in a previous version of Flare, copying that build’s jquery.min.js file into my project, then re-building the project in 2020 r3 with a post-build event that substitutes the newer jquery.min.js file with the older one (this technique had been successful on a prior occasion when an issue with the MadCapAll.js file caused every search to yield an infinite loading screen). However, this time the fix didn’t work. I’ve since cleared and replaced all files relating to the project on my server, but the issue still persists. My company’s network administrators have concluded that the issue does not stem from the server, because apparently “no request is even making it to the server for this search. The Javascript error occurs before the API call is made,” but I’m not totally convinced by this, because the problematic search works fine on my local build – it’s only after I upload the project to the server that the issue appears. If anyone can offer any insight into this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.
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