Unwanted Line Break Inside a Variable

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Unwanted Line Break Inside a Variable

Postby ballan on Mon Apr 12, 2021 11:02 am

I'm having a problem with variables on my PDF cover page. Long story short - I never want a line break inside a variable - I want the entire contents of the variable to move to a new line instead of ever line-breaking inside the variable.

I use two variables on the first line of the cover page, as follows:

{Product Name} {Document Type}
Both Variables Fit on 1 Line.PNG

Occasionally, the {Product Name} variable can be long enough that the {Document Type} variable cannot fit on the same line:

{Product Name..............} {Document
Variable 2 with unwanted internal line break.PNG

I want to automate it, if possible, so that the {Document Type} variable will always be automatically forced to the next line when (and only when) it can't fit on the same line.

So to summarize, I want this:

{Product Name} {Document Type}

or this:
{Product Name}
{Document Type}

But never this:
{Product Name} {Document

Has anyone encountered this? I've tried using a <span> to wrap {Document Type} variable with whitespace: nowrap and display: inline-block , but they aren't giving me acceptable results.
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